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The Troll
Kassie L. Pierce
Graduated Gryffindor

I have a bit of a reputation as being the troll around Hogwarts... Ask around. Fred and George Weasley are my idols. They will forever inspire me.

(Post War member of the Wizard Renegades)
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Stop Denying || George & Kassie

Kassie’s mind was racing. She wasn’t thinking straight at all. She needed to get some place quiet, where no one would bother her so she could sort out her tangled mess.

Turning on the spot, she Apparated straight to the secluded beach, the same beach she was suppose to meet George at, but her mind was far from that promise. All she could think about what he had said to her in the shop only moments ago.

The words echoed in her mind as if she couldn’t accept them, even though she could hear them very clearly.

She paced the beach, trying to calm herself down. It wasn’t a big deal, she tried telling herself. I shouldn’t be treating it like one. He only said he l— No. It was just like her saying ‘I love you’ to Ginny or Ron or any of her mates…. Why then was it making her nervous? Why did he alone make her so nervous? She hated it. It wasn’t suppose to be like that….

He wasn’t suppose to make her heart jump every time she saw him. She wasn’t suppose to want to be near him all the time. She wasn’t suppose to get those butterflies when they kissed…. She frowned. They really shouldn’t be kissing at all. They weren’t together. And she didn’t like the fact that the kisses meant nothing to him, other than just ‘a good snog’….

She bit her lip. She hated to admit it, but it hurt. Not in that very moment, but later. Later when she was alone, did the pain finally clamp over her heart. And now, he goes and says I l— She took a deep breath. No, it was nothing. Just like telling your parents or family that you love them. Stop making a big deal out of nothing. He doesn’t love you like that. You’re fine. Nothing’s changed.

Kassie frowned again, and sat down on ground, pulling her legs up to her chest as she closed her eyes and focused on breathing in the fresh air.

Nothing’s changed…. Yet, why did part of her wish it would?